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  • Comanche Trailer Tents

    Experience the boundless joy of embracing nature with a Comanche trailer tent. Seamlessly merging comfort and thrill, the Comanche trailer tents redefine camping excellence. 

    Generous interiors, snug sleeping compartments, and practical storage to meet all your needs. Constructed using top-notch materials, Comanche trailer tents are unmatched for comfort, convenience and construction. Assembling a Comanche trailer tent takes a mere 10 - 20 minutes. Effortless towing and compact storage add to the allure of your escapades.

    Discover our trio of exceptional Comanche trailer tents: the Oregon, Kenya, and Montana Evo –  Contact our Sales team today for more details and finance options.

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    • This contemporary and adaptable trailer is built for your entire family, ensuring comfort and ease during your camping escapes. The Comanche Oregon variant features an expansive central area that leads to two snug bedrooms furnished with 1.7 m wide beds and slatted bases, ensuring a night of rest. …

    • Are you looking for even more space and storage, the Montana Evo is the perfect choice. This 2-seater version provides extra room for all your gear and accessories, while still offering the same easy setup and comfortable design. Start planning your next adventure today with the Montana Evo. The …

    • The Kenya is an excellent option suitable for families, couples, and solo explorers. Accommodating up to 4 individuals, this accommodation features two distinct beds divided by a spacious interior ceiling.

      This arrangement offers an ideal combination of seclusion and comfort. The mattresses, made of …

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