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    In our accessory shop in Cross hands we have many items in stock from Kampa through to Whale and Thetford. Any items we don't have on the shelf we will be more than happy to order them for you.


    Ennis are proud suppliers of top brand Full awnings, Porch awnings, Air Beam awnings and Motor home drive away awnings in Wales.

    We have the knowledge and dedication to help you decide which model or type is best for You and your Family to get the best for your holidays. 

    We display and keep many of the awnings from these reliable and trusted Awning Manufacturers


    Calor Gas

    Ennis stock Calor gas & Camping gas in all sizes.

    Popular sizes for modern caravanning-

    CALORLITE 6KG PROPANE (fits all front gas compartments, with level indicator, and VERY light)

    CALOR 6KG PROPANE (fits all gas compartments, ideally suits ALDE central heating systems)

    CALOR 7KG BUTANE (fits all gas compartments, more for Spring/Summer useage)

    CALOR 4.5KG BUTANE (smaller body, more suitable for trailer tents smaller motor homes

    CAMPING GAS 907 (for small motor homes where space is at a premium & Continental touring)

    Gift Shop

    We have a lovely gift shop within our show room where we stock lots of gifts and homeware.From Mugs, Retro Games, Windmills, Windchimes, Cushions, Mini Signs, we have lots of gorgeous items for you to see.For daily up to date items like us on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/cragencrwban 

    • From being a luxury, motormovers now tend to be a necessity. And with so many makes & models out there, which ones are ‘the best’? The last thing you want is for problems just when you need it most-on a busy main road getting in the drive or about to go on holiday. Ennis have been fitting motormovers from the beginning, and are proud to fit quality motormovers from Truma and Powrtouch. Both give you the peace of mind 5 Year Guarantee that you need, and both are transferable to like tourers. Powrtouch Freedom single axle caravan mover

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