• Workshop Department

    Looking after Caravans &  Motorhomes is not only our job, but our passion. We want to do our best, to try and help, and whatever the challenge we always try & resolve it!

    Over the last 2 years we have invested heavily in our new, modern workshops, capable of all-make servicing, warranties & major or minor repairs. The 4 bay workshop also features a training room to cater for in-house training or manufacturer or appliance training.
We also host for the National Caravan Council and are fully accredited by the Approved Workshops as a premier service & repair centre.

    But you also need a Service & Repair Team to support this—and that is exactly what we have got! Being trained & approved by all major manufacturers and appliance manufacturers, we can look after every single aspect of caravans & motorhomes - from chassis to toilets, from refrigerators to central heating systems. And as Wales’ oldest established repairers, we know what we’re doing. And we specialise where others give up! Such as water heaters in tourers, motorhomes and holiday homes or wallboards from discontinued manufacturers, we really think we can help

    Both Chris and I are very proud of our Team & Workshops and we sincerely want you to be also!

    • Servicing of a touring caravan is vitally important for a number of reasons: they run on 2 or 4 wheels, they have a gas system that can vibrate, and they can potentially allow water in
    • Your Motorhome needs to be regularly serviced to ensure roadworthiness and the habitation areas need regular inspections to make sure there has been no deterioration.
    • Our passion for caravans & motorhomes also extend to their repair & wellbeing - If a repair is required it needs to be carried out professionally and not detrimental to the caravan or motorhome; this could lead to future problems in reselling.
    • Ennis have been fitting motor movers from the beginning, and are proud to fit quality motor movers from Quattro and Powrtouch. Both give you the peace of mind 5 Year Guarantee that you need, and both are transferable to like tourers.

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