Powrtouch Freedom

Powrtouch Freedom single axle caravan mover

The Powrtouch Freedom with its soft start feature allows millimetre precision control and the fluid movement control allows you complete freedom to change direction without stopping. Manufactured within the UK, The Powrtouch caravan mover is built to last and for your peace of mind provided with an Industry Leading, Unrivalled 5 Year Warranty.

The Freedom has a slim line gear box designed to fit caravans with shock absorbers, the high torque motor will move a 1,500kg caravan up a 1 in 4 slope (under ideal conditions). On flatter surfaces the Freedom is able to move over 2,000kg. The lightweight aluminium rollers provide excellent grip and durability. 

ModelPowrtouch Freedom
Roller EngagementManual
(Cross actuation)
Operating Voltage12v
Average Current Consumption20 A
Max Current Consumption80 A
Speed28cm per sec.
WeightApprox. 32kg
Permissible overall weight on 25% gradient1500 kg
Power Source
(Caravan leisure battery)
12v 85aH
Guarantee5 years

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